Rock dassie

Klippschliefer in Hermanus, Western Cape, Südafrika. Unsere Dassis – Sie leben zu Tausenden in Kapstadt und ganz Südafrika. A small videoclip covering one of the cutest animals in South Africa – the dassies ( rock hyrax ).

Taxonomic Notes: This taxon is split into separate species by some authors, including Cape Hyrax P. Two of these species are associated predominantly with rock habitat, while the thir the Tree Dassie (page 168), lives in forested areas. Rock dassies are mostly active during the day because their slow metabolisms make them dependent on the heat of the sun to keep warm. Here are fun facts about these furry .

O-r belly, or just the two pairs on the belly ( rock dassie always has one pair on the chest and two on the belly). This species is smaller than the rock dassie and has darker, grey fur uith more . Biologisch die nächsten Verwandten zu Elefanten – was man ja auch . Afrikaans: Klipdassie Shona, Venda: Mbila Ndebele: Imbila Zulu, Xhosa, . The name, dassie, is derived from the Dutch . Alternate names have been used including. There are four species of dassie in southern Africa, all but one of which live in small colonies in rocky terrain.

The rock dassie (Pmcavia capensis) is the largest. Rock hyrax or dassie, Procaixirt capensis Bush hyrax or yellow-spotted rock dassie ,.

They rule the kingdom up here. I remember asking Alice about the . These small diurnal mammals live on rocky hills and outcrops . Other names, › Cape hyrax › Cape rock hyrax › large-toothed rock hyrax › rock dassie. Rock Hyrax Habits and Distribution, with Maps, Images, Locations in Southern Africa and Parks.

Procavia capensis ( Rock hyrax , Dassie). Other Mammals of southern Africa, with Elephant, Lion, Leopard . The spot on the back is usually black whereas the dorsal spot is cream to yellow-red in Yellow-spotted hyrax. As its name suggests, the animal typically lives in rocky areas .